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Pure Potential wasn’t started intentionally.  I started it out of necessity.  I originally thought that I could just pay a chunck of money and hand it off to a consulting company that claimed to specialize in insurance – plug and play so to speak.  It turned out to be a very bad experience.  Terrible content, terrible timing, text messages sent without identifying us, contacts routed to incorrect sequences, broken links, missing booking links, almost 100% of emails were going into Promotion or Spam, I found almost $80,000 in leads stuck on ARDs and leads just cueing out of sequences doing nothing, and so on.  What poured more salt on my wound is that I couldn’t get the consultant to respond to help me fix their mistakes.

I blindly trusted them because they’re considered the experts in insurance automation.  But, there is always the good in everything.  It made me realize that automation was something that I had to learn. I can thank them now after dedicating countless hours for months learning how to configure, integrate, and create the content.  The result was the creation of a highly effective simple to use prospecting system that has completely changed my agency and installed a level of confidence in my agents that is limitless.

If you’re trusting someone to run it for you, you need to know enough about it to check on what’s going on.  I beg you to go in and take a good look, you might be shocked at what you find.  I hope that you’re not having my experience!

Better yet, contact us for a free audit.  We’ll tell you if got it right or not.


Most lead sources available today are just the age-old “snake oil” being presented as quality. We should all know this by now, don’t waste your money on them. When I started all you had was the White Pages and the phone to generate new leads. I loved it and wish I could still use this method!  But, as the internet developed and cell phones eliminated the home phone, this method has become obsolete. Yellow Page advertising was also great, but I don’t think we even get those anymore. Then the Internet Leads came along and they were initially great, but they turned to junk seemly overnight. So we were forced to focus on building centers of influence and referrals to grow. This was a good thing because it changed our focus from being almost entirely on new business to building quality relationships.

I’m not saying don’t buy leads or advertise to some degree. I still buy a lot of leads because new agents need something to get off to a fast start. But whatever leads you buy, the lead quality must be good enough to get you growing or get your new agents off to a fast start.

However, getting enough leads is usually never the problem, it’s how you handle them that’s the problem. I had the same problem. The problem was a combination of not having enough time to effectively prospect and the tools I needed just weren’t available to be effective and consistent over time. If you need proof – take a good look at all the leads you paid for over the years and didn’t close, all the referrals you couldn’t close for whatever reason, and all the great client’s that you shouldn’t have lost. How much are all those worth? It turns my stomach to think about it! How many times have you reached out to them this year? How many times have you sent them a communication that will improve their life situation? Are you consistently trying to build relationships with them? When is the last time you called a client just to say “Thank you”? I’m not asking you these questions to make you feel bad, I’m asking them to make you realize that you don’t lack resources, you lack to tools to be resourceful.

Ideally, the tools we need should be built into our AMS, but they’re a long way off. Even if one of our AMS choices begin to build automation, its functionality will be too basic to be effective for us and we need it now. The best we can hope for is some form of integration with software that enables us to communicate in a way that builds high-quality relationships. I believe that effective automation combined with all of us collectively shifting away from price to personal risk management will be key to our survival.


We need to share because we’re all in the same business! Our collective long-term success depends on the success of every agency in order to keep our insurance company partners financially strong. We all have our own unique silos of experience that could benefit another agent. Every time I speak with another agent I learn something. We need to support and learn from each other to become better so we all raise our game.

Why do we need to raise our game? Because, as Insurtech enters into the market, it’s going to be the agents that bring value combined with professional advice that thrive. It’s never about the price unless it’s ridiculous! We’re professionals and we need to create a client experience the just blows them away. The kind of experience that they just can’t stop thinking about because you linked yourself and your presentation to their values and beliefs. That’s how you build great relationships which brings you great retention and quality referrals.

Chad Spaide

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