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The ELP program is near and dear to us. It has significantly contributed to our year over year growth of 25%. We were always good at closing Dave’s referrals, but it wasn’t until we developed the right automation that we were really able to capture a great return on investment.

Are you having a tough time getting in contact in Dave’s referrals? Do you have a stockpile of Dave’s referrals that you were never able to reach? Are you nurturing the referrals that you quoted, but lost? Are you getting them to leave online referrals for you? Are you getting referrals from Dave’s referrals that you did close? Have you tried automation marketing with a consultant or agency and you’re not getting the results you were hoping for?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, we have the perfect solution for you!

We developed two automation systems for Dave Ramsey ELPs that are far beyond what you’ll get from any other automation marketing company.


The Engager System has over 68 emails, an insurance guide, 7 text messages and scheduled looping direct voice mails that flow with Dave’s Principles 7 text messages. It’s like you have a team dialers without training, managing, and the PAYROLL. There are too many other features and benefits to list.

Super Engager:

The Super Engager is just what it sounds like! It includes everything in the Engager System combined with Slack integration done for you! Slack enables you to supercharge your automation to a level you thought could never be possible. With Super Engager system everything is visible and just 2 clicks away to call or text.  You have to see it to believe it!

These two systems are deeply discounted for ELPs and are far beyond what you can find anywhere. But, we don’t expect you to just buy our pitch! We will only work with you after you see our system working live and in action.

If you purchase the Engager or the Super Engager automation system and later decide you want more, we’ve applied full credit towards one of our other systems.

Fine Print:
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